She Should Run Mentor

She Should Run Mentor


About She Should Run

She Should Run is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides an approachable starting place and network for women considering a future run for office. We believe that women of all political leanings, ethnicities, and backgrounds should have an equal opportunity to lead in elected office, at all levels. Our mission is to expand the talent pool of women running for office in the United States by providing community, resources, and growth opportunities for aspiring political leaders.

About the Role

She Should Run is seeking volunteer mentors to inspire, inform, and empower the next generation of women leaders. A volunteer mentor will participate in a six-month program and will be matched with a mentee who has completed either the She Should Run Virtual or Regional Cohort. As graduates of She Should Run’s cohort programs, mentees will have begun to lay down the groundwork towards a future run and are looking for guidance in taking the next step.

Mentors are responsible for working to increase their mentee’s confidence and capability to navigate the barriers around running along with their sense of personal leadership style. After mentees have identified the areas they want to improve and focus on, mentors will provide their expertise and guidance in order for the mentee to reach milestones in improving the areas of: campaigning, fundraising, public speaking, etc.

Who We're Looking For

Mentors should have experience in at least one of the following roles:

  • Current or former elected official
  • Former candidate
  • Campaign manager
  • Campaign strategist (ex: consultant, presidential campaign vice chair, etc)
  • Political party chair (ex: President, Treasurer, Recruiter, etc)

Mentors should have expertise in at least one of the following areas:

  • Campaigning
  • Fundraising
  • Networking
  • Personal values, vision, or mission
  • Overcoming fears
  • Cultivating personal leadership story
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Risk-taking

Mentor Expectations

  • Set up regular sessions (minimum 6) over a 6 month period for thirty minutes to one hour
  • Respond to mentee interests and identify discussion topics for sessions with mentee
  • Check-in with mentee on a bi-weekly basis in case they have any questions
  • Check-in with She Should Run staff mid-way through the program

She Should Run will provide a virtual orientation training to kick-off the mentorship program, giving mentors and mentees opportunity to meet “face-to-face” and learn more about what the six month program will look like and what resources She Should Run will provide. You can learn more about the She Should Run mentorship program and the monthly meeting vs. biweekly check in process here.

To apply, please complete this mentor intake form by Friday, September 6th. If you have any questions, please email Kathleen Kiernan of She Should Run at

* This is a volunteer, unpaid position.